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How soon can I expect my order?

Once your order has been received by Klear2collection, your order will be processed within 3 business. Depending on the shipping priority that you choose, your shipment can take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days before it is delivered to you.

How soon can I see results after using the products sold by Klear2collection?

Please keep in mind that these are not miracle-working products and will not give you results overnight. Many of our products take 4 to 6 weeks of use to see results. To obtain maximum and long-lasting results of a full cycle of six months is recommended to see at least 90% change in body and or skin. To see a full-body size-reduction please use our Waist trainer or shapewear, along with our skincare products such as a slimming cream and the firming wrapped cream along with a weight loss tea.

Do I need to work out for these Products to work?

Absolutely not! You do not have to have a fitness routine to use any of our products. If you currently have a workout routine and are using our products, you will see results sooner. Users who have incorporated a light routine such as walking, running, and or swimming will see a full reduction quicker than personnel who do not have a workout routine.

Do I have to use the slimming cream or the firming cream along with the Shapeware or Waist Trainer to see results?

No! While we recommend using both weight loss belts and the cream, you can do either or. We even offer a better price when you buy both as a combo or a subscription.

Is Klear2 safe to use?

We always adhere to a standard when we sell our customers any of our products that are offered on our website or through our affiliated business partners. We take pride in using clinical study ingredients and natural ingredients to the best of our ability. Our quality assurance and control department constantly tests our products for potency, safety, and contamination. With that being said all our ingredients come from natural herbs found in Jamaica, Africa, Southeast Asia, Japan, and other Caribbean countries and have been used over many years.

Do klear2 products have side effects?

All our products include creams, teas, and any of our skincare products that are offered by Klear2collection comes from natural herbs and plant-based ingredients and therefore have no side effects. Of course, if you have any concerns please consult your healthcare provider before using or consuming any of our products.

How do I care for my Shapewear and Waist Trainer?

Each item is shipped with a how-to-care card. This card will give you direction as to how to care for your shapewear and Waist Trainer. We do not recommend using a washing machine nor a dryer to wash and dry these items as it will damage the Neoprene and the latex that are the key material in our Shapewear and Waist trainers. We recommend that you gently wash and air dry your waist trainer and Shape-wear belt. The inner part is made from neoprene and latex which are very gentle materials that should be handled with care. Avoid excessive pulling, machine wash, or machine dry. For sanitary reasons, we do not recommend using any of our Shapewear or Waist trainer belts for more than 1 year.